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 gray jumper  + olive shorts

Marc by Marc jacobs S/S 2011

Filippa K   S/S 2011
Happy Monday everyone. Start your week off with the search for the eponymous gray jumper/sweater and pair it with olive shorts. Its relax weekend garb with military undertones which you can translate to workwear if worn with pants.


I think I found his style sister...

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Rest in Peace, Corrine Day
Day after tomorrow...

Corinne Day,a self-taught photographer, first became known for the images she published in 1990 in The Face of her friend, Kate Moss. The series launched what came to be known as 'grunge' style. Day photographed her again in 1993 for British Vogue and it was these shots - Moss in skimpy underwear and American tan tights, at home in her dingy, west London flat - which further changed the face of fashion photography, and unleashed an international furore. Her style of 'dirty realism' was to become enormously influential within mainstream advertising. But where the imagery of nonchalant, nonconformist youth was for Day an extension of her life, in fashion the 'look' returned as pure, empty style. Day started to distance herself from the high-gloss world of magazines and catwalks, but has never stopped making photographs."

Ms. day was first struck with a brain tumor in 1996 but after apparently overcoming the condition, it returned aggressively two years ago, when the only option became specialist treatment in Arizona costing over 100,00 0 euros. The money was raised through a picture auction. (via)

Kate Moss as shot by Corrine Day


I've had this photo (above) since the day I got my laptop. I saw it, saved it and thought that one day, I'd be that guy in the strange club (definitely with a different pants on). There's an energy in the photo that is very intriguing and very rock and roll. I was particularly drawn to the leopard print oxfords the person in the photo is wearing. The setting added appeal to the shoes. It sort of saying a heist gone bad, or a gig without a crowd, or perhaps, a strip club and that guy is about to take off his pants (as suggested by the singles scattered on the floor). I hope it was just the shoes I want. I don't know where to get it but i was hoping to get lucky and find a pair in some thrift shop somewhere. I have an ongoing relationship with leopard prints. It's not my signature, but my love for it is palpable. My friends would bring me leopard print stuff whenever they would fly abroad. I also remember back in the days, when the only shoe I can afford are Chuck Taylors. I used to have that high-cut Chucks in leopard (below) which I wore everyday and eveywhere with anything (with Chucks, being, the only shoes you need to go through early adulthood).

Until, wear and tear took it's toll. 

Now that I pretty much survived the stage, a new stage requires a new costume de guerre. This time, in leather. 

That search for the adult leopard print shoes threw me back a little. Are the adult male of our society ready for such feet, er ,fete? 

The stigma associated with leopard prints doesn't stop at D&G alone. Think big blond coiffeurs and red lipstick, big black drag queens in figure hugging dresses (yes, I'm referring to Noxeema Jackson, thank you), and the list goes on and it can go much louder than that. Leopard print, in footwear, was once exclusive to ladies. On the early part of the 21st century, at least.  Any man who is not the artist formerly known as Prince and wears leopard definitely roars "Queen".
Apparently, times have changed, my beloved. The puss may have been in boots, but the new discerning men wears the puss instead of boots! Proof of that are the photos below. Wearing leopard print is like wearing a potent perfume, you can not have too much. 


via 00o00 and mymanybags

Indeed, the  fierce feline print has transcended gender and permeated inside the discerning men's wardrobe. Leave it to master shoemaker Christian Louboutin, a man famous for his fiery red sole(s), as he himself branched out from his exclusive stilettos to cater to the kings of  pavement jungles. In 2009, "Loubs" gave a whole new meaning in men's footwear. Though, admittedly, I still smirk when i say that out loud. You can't really blame me. The visual suggestion given by"leopard print," "studs," "leather," and "shoes," really do sound kinky. More so with, Loubs. Perhaps, the association is inevitable. He IS the man who sold shoes like sex. 

Christian Louboutin Chukka boot style / 2009
via Luxist

Christian Louboutins  / Fall Winter 2010 Rollerball in leopard haircalf leather and gold studs
via mymanybags

Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato  / Fall Winter 2011
via highsnobiety

It's not only Louboutin who has caught up with the cat-o-philia. Givenchy has recently paraded on its fall/winter catwalk a larger version of the print in oxford, topped with what seemed like an applique. The print didn't just come as an accent to a wardrobe. It was the central theme of his collection and pushing it even further by pairing leopard with leopard.   

Leopard print is not just a print. Its a realization of all the fantasies that are associated with it. Be it on stage as  a rockstar or on bed as a sexy panther, wearing leopard print subliminally mimics the behavior of the animal itself- an oppurtunistic hunter, strong predator ( the only big cat known to carry its prey up into a tree) ,  notorious ability for stealth, and the ability to mate all year round. It is perhaps for the same reason why the early warriors would skin leopards and wear their fur as if they were the animal. In present times, it would be uncomfortable to wear  leopard heads as mask, so be it studded or  with applique, leather or rubber soled, the most important thing here is that we don't need to skin a whole cat to wear it. 

How about you, are you ready to add a dash of leopard print in your wardrobe?


International brands here don't throw casual parties such as this one. And Paul Smith? Not that I heard of. So when I got hold of this news, I think it's worth going to.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This is an interesting case of 'runway to reality.'  Model Oscar Spendrup was snapped on the street wearing a  feather necklace used in Carin Wester S/S 2011 presentation. 

Apparently, Oscar also modeled for the show. I found out that the feather-voodoo like necklaces are not part of the collection but created by the show's stylist, Ursula. The necklace is made of leather straps, wooden beads, 2 kinds of feathers and several kinds of stone pendants which all kept an earthy tone. What's special about this necklace is that despite the size of the feathers, it didn't arrive to become overwhelming. It did become a focal point but it actually helped emphasize the relaxed boho-voodoo vibe of the collection. As far as the street version is concerned, it became an interesting focal point of khaki /navy jacket combi carrying the same air of organic magic.

click to enlarge
via lbosquejo


Jo Calderone fo Vogue Hommes Japan as 
shot by Nick Knight and styled by Niccola Formichetti.
Jo is allegedly Gaga in drag. Do you really think so?


Nylon jacket mimicking the look of a classic leather biker jacket.
Comes in black with prints zippers, studs, patches and more. 

Shirt with Biker jacket print
via luisaviaroma

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The Hawaiian Shirt or “Aloha shirt,” as it is aptly called, is an interesting story of business, culture, tradition, success, fashion and Hollywood. It also became the unofficial symbol of the state of Hawaii which later became more than just a piece of garment, it became a symbol of a casual carefree lifestyle.

The first ever Aloha shirts were created in 1936 by businessman Ellery Chun and were sold for 95 cents Its prints and designs, however, came much earlier. The colorful prints of the shirts came from the beautiful traditional native Hawaiian loin cloths and skirts. The button down design, on the other hand, was patterned after the standard plaid work shirts used by plantation workers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Several more tailors around town picked up the idea of the Aloha shirts that local Hawaii residents and Waikiki beachboys and surfers quickly noticed and began buying them in ever-increasing numbers. 

In August 1959, Hawaii became the 50th State of the U.S.A., bringing the new Aloha State even more attention, and most significantly, even more tourists! In time, tourists, Hollywood movie stars, and other rich and famous visitors to Hawaii also began noticing the bright, casual, easy to wear styles, and began bringing styles home to the U.S. mainland.

Hawaiian shirts also began receiving high exposure in Hollywood movies, and a succession of popular Hawaii-based TV-Series, Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum P.I. Elvis Presley's biggest box-office hit "Blue Hawaii" in 1961 saw him posing for the cover of the soundtrack sporting a red aloha shirt draped with lei.

Elvis Presley for Blue Hawaii

Now the iconic symbol of tropical vacations, more than any other type of shirt, is really about a state of mind. When you put one on, you are really putting on a whole new attitude. The same spirit and attitude the Italian brand MSGM wants the young urban men around the world to experience without looking too beach-y. Each piece are masterly cut in long and short sleeved shirts paired with tailored jackets and slouchy pants. These pieces were kept current and suitable for city living by playing down in a palette of neutral colors. 

via MSGM

info sources:
the wall street journal

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Burberry S/S 2011 

It's not 2011 yet but this is a preview of summer. I really hope denim vests are still  staple next summer with a little footwear twist. Mandals. yes, the sandals for men. Burberry made a strong point from these footwear from their runway show in different styles. It went from simple sling back to gladiators that zips up to the ankle substituting warm boots with ventilated strappy companion.


all photos from

Shirts have gone vampiric and goth. Take a bite of these designer shirts before it bites you!

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Remember the time when jeans explode in full color and in various Versace print? Neither do I. 
Once upon a time, when Supermodels still walk on the earth, there was a designer named Gianni. He comes by the name Versace with the head of Medusa as his symbol. The same symbol encrusted in gold is attached to every pair of Versace Jeans Couture. Yes, such were times when jeans are couture-d! 

Anyways, I suddenly remembered that in my early years of thrifting, I would find some really, really nice Versace jeans in various prints and colors. I would check the tag to see if they seem original  just for the glory of touching the Medusa logo in the back pocket but will throw it back. It was in early 2000, when  boot cut and low cut were favored, so i didn't really give a damn. Aside from the fact that most of them came in really small waistline, the cut were so NOT 2000. They climbed up to the waist, baloons at the hips area, and tapers down the ankle. Fits like mom-jeans.

10 years after, I have this incessant craving for those really, really sweet printed colorful jeans. Note that the color combinations were not for the faint of heart (deep purple with marigold, emerald, and fuschia, and so on). I found an article from mistermont's blog about this guy named Baron Von Fancy who collects  Women's Versace Jeans Couture. I realized, those tacky Gianni prints would be fun to wear again. Okay, I take it back. Tacky is not the word. Whimsical, perhaps? If you ever found some vintage Versace's, there would  definitely be major alterations to fix the fit but I think, it doesn't matter anymore because what you're  really after are the unique prints. They really were varied, depending on the season when they came out. They came in classic Versace curls (similar to Versace chinas), combination of signature square borders combined with deep-colored floral prints, multi-colored butterflies, and lines of little animals. What I also like about them now is that you don't really need some fancy shirt to go with it. I'd probably wear them with loose tank topped with studded leather jacket and Adidas by Jeremy Scott. I also like how BVF accessorized his look with gold skull ring and gold "Creep" id bracelet. It makes everything new. So if you know where I can find some cheap Versaces, leave me a message. If you have some stocked up in your aunts' house, give 'em to me and I'll breathe new life to it! 

Baron von Fancy wearing a pair of his many vintage Versace Jeans.
Mind the accessories.

Baron Von Fancy's collection of vintage Versace. Most of them haven't gone out of the closet .

via zone7style and etsy


vogue italia (?)

Kate Moss looks shitty with her newly injected lips in this photo but other than that, all is well. Leopard-print and red duo had a long harmonious relationship together. Leopard dress with red shoes, leopard dress with red bag, leopard dress with red lips, is always fierce and seductive. But never have I expect to see red leather pants with leopard print jacket go this grungy since Kurt Cobain during the 90s. I can totally rock this look with a non-leather pants and hear Aerosmith singing "Amazing" in my head.


via the glamourai
bags from flea market paintings

In M. H. del Pilar Ave, in Malate in the Philippines, you will find rows of tourist shops selling antiques and faux-antique home decors and cheap reproductions of paintings on canvass.   Themes vary from sunset in Manila Bay, farm scene, The Last Supper, flowers, and still life fruits. Some are direct imitations of great local masterpieces. If you're a tourist looking for some cheap souvenirs to take home, it's tempting to keep a blind eye on class and take the plunge. Besides, everything are meticulously hand-painted in oil and the prices are way much lower than the original. Who would know it's a repro when hung in a very expensive frame, right? Who are you fooling. Well, it could enjoy refuge in your walls for sometime until you realize that it's missing the 'heart and soul' present in an original masterpiece. Instead of keeping it in the attic for posterity to either rot in oblivion or as food for the rats, you could turn it into an attractive canvass tote which will look way much cooler. There's also something "Margielic" about it by turning something regular into a real artisanal work of art. You just need to coat it with a layer of varnish to preserve the pigments, some scrap cloth as inner lining, and some  really sartorial looking leather bag handles (or can be from an old bag,  too).

Wanna know what to do with the empty frame?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


What makes Maison Martin Margiela 8 Hybrid Aviator unique is the complexity of harmonizing 2 different ideas together. Some designers may have interpreted this idea and will never get away with it but the Maison has the unique ability to combine good craftsmanship and avant technology which makes this pair of oversized hybrid aviators with tortoiseshell acetate and half-frame trim a genuine masterpiece. Lenses have a half amber, half brown tint which makes methinks, "How the hell did they do that?!"


McQueen, before he passed aways, released this new high top sneakers for F/W2010 in all black leather with zipper detail and skull-zip pull.


via fashionisto


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