Monday, October 18, 2010


There's something on Sundays which I haven't told you about. It's the weekly Sunday Feeding Program. It's basically a Sunday dinner where all of our friends would come over and my housemate, Lendro, would cook fancy recipes. This tradition has been going on for about a year now and we always open our doors to visitors. These dinners dishes out the hottest gossips, hotter than the bowl of soup, and a debriefing of the week's passed. So for last night, we had Purple Cabbage Cold Salad with thin parmesan slices and vinaigrette sauce, Peppered Grilled Tuna, Clam Fetuccini in Olive Oil and Semillon Chardonnay. -Burp-


While searching for some new inspiration, these old photos of samurai warriors from Edo period caught my attenttion. I think they are very attractive. The process used to color the black and white photos brought out the rich details of their costumes. The portraits would make good editorial inspiration for summer 2011. Think Haider Ackermann and Louis Vuitton.


right hair color. great shirt color on skin. easy pants. trucker cap to keep it cool and a splash of bright colored printed bag.


same printed short-over-pants looks cute. it's like the Givenchy legging-shorts combo except that these is in cute floral prints topped with an oversized hentai-print shirt. cool and comfy. i like.


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