Wednesday, March 2, 2011


metal nails
what is it called and where to get? anyone?


 a peek inside my dirty room


Hundreds of years ago, when the Iron Butterfly  was undergoing hard legal battles, I, as an avid fan  and supporter of the woman who devoutly promotes beauty and arts in the Philippines, made a limited edition FREE IMELDA shirt. It was inspired from the Free Wynona shirt when the latter was accused of shoplifting back in the days. Story is, I gave a shirt to Sarah Meier, then girlfriend of Borgy, who wore it to a Marcos family event and i gathered that the Marcoses took notice of it and  that Irene Marcos was said to  give her thumbs up to the shirt. It was one of those mayjah kilig moment for me that time. 

Fast forward to 2011, I'm thinking, a FREE GALLIANO shirt may not be bad either. Okay, I'm not condoning racism or anything hurtful here, I just think that John Galliano is a genius in what he does and however grave his actions were, can we just ask him to wear Crocs for a month as punishment instead of going to prison. I mean, he's better off in the cutting room at Dior than in jail.

My first ever John Galliano memory was reading about that show where supermodels dressed in American Indian- inspired couture and getting off a real train before 'voguing' infront of the editors. It was a pivoting point in my life as an artist and that was then when I decided to pursue and live a dream in a wonderland where sequins rain.


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