Wednesday, November 3, 2010


All throughout the 80s, one shoe reigned supreme on the courts, in the streets and at the skate park – the adidas Campus. A faithful 1-to-1 re-issue, today’s adidas Campus 80s brings back the iconic low-top in retro colors, with the 3-Stripes at the side.-hypebeast


Who doesn't want a Lanvin? I would go for Lanvin anytime. Lanvin for H&M? It's a different story. I like the video. The clothes are wonderful. The marketing is great. BUT. Don't you think it's a bit last-season-ish? Oh well, doesn't matter right? Dear Santa, I just finished my Christmas wishlist and here they are:

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Just for the record, I'm posting my outfits from last week
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Went with a friend to a cemetery but it started to rain, so we just took a shot each and left. Hopin' everyone visited their departed loved ones this holiday.


Last night, I and my friends went for a roadtrip to Clark in Angeles, Pampanga to spend the last day of holiday in gluttony. Destination:Oasis Hotel. Mission: to ingest as much food as we can. We arrived just in time for dinner and we went to Oasis Hotel to try their famed steak and porkchop our friend is raving about. The resto inside the hotel is called Maranao Grill. True to it's name, the interior is decorated in Maranao (southern Mindanao indigenous tribe) accents of colorful carved beams seen in a typical Maranao architecture. The menu is a mix of local home-cooked  specialties and they also offer steaks for the usual foreign diners.We were there for the steak. I'm not a steak connoisseur nor I'm great food critic, but I know if my food is good or not and if it's worth the price I'm paying for. A slab of rib-eye (300g) costs around P990 and it comes with a salad of choice and side dishes. I shared my beef with my friend Gian and had an extra order of their Grilled Porkchop in Chili Orange Sauce. I'm not much of a fan of salads but the Asian salad- a mix of cabbage julienne and a slice of seared fresh tuna in oriental sauce was divine and refreshing, with a right amount of salty after-taste that makes you wanting more. Perhaps, a palate prepping for the main course. Our rib-eye was served well-done. The meat is so tender like I never tasted beef that tender before. It was juicy and flavorful. It was indeed a good meat! Being a rice person, I ordered for an extra serving of rice. They have Pepper Rice which i didn't try but Elmer said it was promising. The rice kind of washed the flavors away so I suggest that you stick with the baked potato that goes with it. Their grilled porkchop is also good. a bit dry inside but the sauce is an explosion of flavor (okay, this food describing thing makes me sound like a dork). Yes. Like literally. There's a hint of curry and fruity orange zest and a good amount of sweet and salty flavor mixed in, and again, it's best eaten with mashed potato than rice. For someone who eats 2++ cups of rice in a regular meal, this serving is filling enough with space for dessert. The group, then, went to Jiin Bakery for dessert. They had this creamy icedrop. I'm lactose-intolerant and it's milk based so I passed. I bought a weird looking cake, though, which will be judged tomorrow over breakfast. After a few minutes, we headed to Orchard to grab cocktails and ate some more! Squid heads, baked oysters and chicharon bulaklak for the win.  How about you? How did you spend your vacay?



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