Friday, October 8, 2010


No offense meant for the Maison, its just that... I need one asap and the only way i could have it for a couple of hundred bucks is to buy a liter of Latex paint and thrift a suit. So sorry. :(
Well not really, coz I like how it turned out. It has a gloss finish which kinda resembles leather but the suit turned stiff from the thick coat of paint that it could stand on its own. And I'm not sure if I'd be able to wear it, so we're quits.


 San Antonio, represent!
I'm gonna share this to you because I think they're cool. These graffitis can be seen in  Santol Street in San Antonio Village, Makati. It's a small alley from where I live and I always make it a point that I pass by this stretch of wall everyday. Kinda gives me the vibe I need for the rest of the day. What's nice about this wall is that it changes every 2 weeks. These cartoony art is gone now and they changed it into something textual. I'll update this post as soon as I get new photos of the wall.


In celebration of Dr. Marten 50th Anniversary, Hypebeast blogger Verbal and his partner in crime Yoon have released their cover of The Runaways’ track, Cherry Bomb. The video serves as part of a series of videos which capture cover versions of classic Punk tracks, in homage to Dr. Marten’s roots. The video features the Ambush pair strut their stuff, as directed by Yue Wu. - hypebeast


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