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Remember the time when jeans explode in full color and in various Versace print? Neither do I. 
Once upon a time, when Supermodels still walk on the earth, there was a designer named Gianni. He comes by the name Versace with the head of Medusa as his symbol. The same symbol encrusted in gold is attached to every pair of Versace Jeans Couture. Yes, such were times when jeans are couture-d! 

Anyways, I suddenly remembered that in my early years of thrifting, I would find some really, really nice Versace jeans in various prints and colors. I would check the tag to see if they seem original  just for the glory of touching the Medusa logo in the back pocket but will throw it back. It was in early 2000, when  boot cut and low cut were favored, so i didn't really give a damn. Aside from the fact that most of them came in really small waistline, the cut were so NOT 2000. They climbed up to the waist, baloons at the hips area, and tapers down the ankle. Fits like mom-jeans.

10 years after, I have this incessant craving for those really, really sweet printed colorful jeans. Note that the color combinations were not for the faint of heart (deep purple with marigold, emerald, and fuschia, and so on). I found an article from mistermont's blog about this guy named Baron Von Fancy who collects  Women's Versace Jeans Couture. I realized, those tacky Gianni prints would be fun to wear again. Okay, I take it back. Tacky is not the word. Whimsical, perhaps? If you ever found some vintage Versace's, there would  definitely be major alterations to fix the fit but I think, it doesn't matter anymore because what you're  really after are the unique prints. They really were varied, depending on the season when they came out. They came in classic Versace curls (similar to Versace chinas), combination of signature square borders combined with deep-colored floral prints, multi-colored butterflies, and lines of little animals. What I also like about them now is that you don't really need some fancy shirt to go with it. I'd probably wear them with loose tank topped with studded leather jacket and Adidas by Jeremy Scott. I also like how BVF accessorized his look with gold skull ring and gold "Creep" id bracelet. It makes everything new. So if you know where I can find some cheap Versaces, leave me a message. If you have some stocked up in your aunts' house, give 'em to me and I'll breathe new life to it! 

Baron von Fancy wearing a pair of his many vintage Versace Jeans.
Mind the accessories.

Baron Von Fancy's collection of vintage Versace. Most of them haven't gone out of the closet .

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vogue italia (?)

Kate Moss looks shitty with her newly injected lips in this photo but other than that, all is well. Leopard-print and red duo had a long harmonious relationship together. Leopard dress with red shoes, leopard dress with red bag, leopard dress with red lips, is always fierce and seductive. But never have I expect to see red leather pants with leopard print jacket go this grungy since Kurt Cobain during the 90s. I can totally rock this look with a non-leather pants and hear Aerosmith singing "Amazing" in my head.


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bags from flea market paintings

In M. H. del Pilar Ave, in Malate in the Philippines, you will find rows of tourist shops selling antiques and faux-antique home decors and cheap reproductions of paintings on canvass.   Themes vary from sunset in Manila Bay, farm scene, The Last Supper, flowers, and still life fruits. Some are direct imitations of great local masterpieces. If you're a tourist looking for some cheap souvenirs to take home, it's tempting to keep a blind eye on class and take the plunge. Besides, everything are meticulously hand-painted in oil and the prices are way much lower than the original. Who would know it's a repro when hung in a very expensive frame, right? Who are you fooling. Well, it could enjoy refuge in your walls for sometime until you realize that it's missing the 'heart and soul' present in an original masterpiece. Instead of keeping it in the attic for posterity to either rot in oblivion or as food for the rats, you could turn it into an attractive canvass tote which will look way much cooler. There's also something "Margielic" about it by turning something regular into a real artisanal work of art. You just need to coat it with a layer of varnish to preserve the pigments, some scrap cloth as inner lining, and some  really sartorial looking leather bag handles (or can be from an old bag,  too).

Wanna know what to do with the empty frame?


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