Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This is an interesting case of 'runway to reality.'  Model Oscar Spendrup was snapped on the street wearing a  feather necklace used in Carin Wester S/S 2011 presentation. 

Apparently, Oscar also modeled for the show. I found out that the feather-voodoo like necklaces are not part of the collection but created by the show's stylist, Ursula. The necklace is made of leather straps, wooden beads, 2 kinds of feathers and several kinds of stone pendants which all kept an earthy tone. What's special about this necklace is that despite the size of the feathers, it didn't arrive to become overwhelming. It did become a focal point but it actually helped emphasize the relaxed boho-voodoo vibe of the collection. As far as the street version is concerned, it became an interesting focal point of khaki /navy jacket combi carrying the same air of organic magic.

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via lbosquejo

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