Sunday, October 24, 2010





I'm taking a deep breath tomorrow to prepare for a very busy week to come. It's werq, werq, fashion week, baby! 

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It's Saturday night and there's liquor ban in this side of the world (which i heard will run until Wednesday). What a bummer. Popped some candies and washed it with stocked beer. And yes, this is how I see things right now- like  3D without the glasses.



Stylists are fashion's subversives. Creators in therir own right, these visionary upstarts control the images we consume daily... - iD Magazine


 A stylist in front of the camera? It may have been a  decade since and a lot has changed. We are in the age when bloggers become the insiders and fashion insiders become bloggers, photographers as endorsers and celebrities as designers. A fashion editor as a model is no surprise at all. Unlike a decade ago when iD Magazine did an editorial featuring stylists and called them "The Unsung Heroes." The popularity of reality TV on  "HOW" fashion is made,made a lot of people take notice of the army behind the scene. Hence, creating a sudden shift of interest. It is, indeed, time to celebrate. These heroes are unsung, no more.


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