Sunday, September 19, 2010


scarf: from some stranger I met at Cubao X and vowed to return but never met again /
jacket: just cavalli / shirt: izzue / pants: Lotho

The darkness is falling and you're still happy.
You still don't know what will happen.
Still don't know anything.

Soon you'll learn...

You'll learn to lov eeternal lide.
You'll learn to love the night
You'll learn to hate the day.
Same as I did.
And you'll learn to love me. and maybe, someday, I'll tell you...

obligatory outfit shot

Evening 2 @ Hybrid Club, Autoshop, Davao City
I have no words to say during this night as I have left the house before I could even enter. 

'cept for the fact that I met Jack again that night and he's not just sitting on top of my friend Helga's head, but I guess on everyone's head too. 



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