Tuesday, September 7, 2010


pc droptokyo

these are my new outfit pegs. I'm slowly saying bye bye to goth/rick owens trend which everyone who tries to look "individual" are sporting. Little did they know, they all look the same. Haha. The thing I like about the Japs street style is that they do not follow off the runway looks. You see them having fun with fashion. Exploring layers, silhouettes, colors and mixing opposite ideas to create a unique personalized character. Last saturday my friend asked me if I want to go to tokyo 'coz she knows someone who could help us with the visa is on and all. And the plane fare is like Php 8K only! cheaper than going to Davao or any part of the Philippines. I thought she was just joking. When I asked her about it again this morning, she said the sale is over. Darn.


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