Sunday, September 12, 2010


striped vest (inner) Jag Black / striped cardi Levi's / necklace Mono

This is the outfit that didn't make it. Though I like the sizes of stripes from the cardi and the vest in both red and black, the humid air last night made me sweaty even before I stepped out of the house. 


denim vest H&M / shirt by M Baretto /necklace Mono/ watch Casio / cigs Marlboro Lights

I'm channeling Jap-punk in this photo. I got this shirt from M Baretto, a designer friend. I t resembles a jap flag with names of the cities listed all over it.

Saturday night and I went to see a rock gig to see friends aka "the council." After a few bottles, I went to this gay club in Ortigas to dance, drink and dust. Hung out with Reijiro, a long time friend whom I haven't partied this much in years. Wild night!  Went home at 7am. One of the funnest!


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