Friday, September 10, 2010


This song is playing in my iBrain. In loop!


hair by Jake Galvez and Buern Rodriguez of Tony Galvez Salon, 9th St., Cubao, QC


I spent the whole afternoon at the salon. Bleached my hair twice and dyed it blue. I love how it came out. It made me really happy! I feel Tokyo-fied! 

I taped a TV guesting for the show called The Sweet Life later that night. I made friends with the 90's iconic local dance group Universal Motion Dancers. Haha! It was nostalgic to see them dance their old moves again.Brings back memories. I bet it's gonna be a good episode! 

This is already 2am and we need to pretend like it's only 5:30pm.
TV Hosts Ms. Lucy Torres and Ms. Issa Calzado


denim tux shirt with bow tie: Levis / grommet necklace: Mono
I finished work just in time to change and attend 2 magazine parties, Mega and Chalk, last night. I just changed my shirt and kept the bottoms. I really loved the shirt I was wearing. It's a tux-style shirt with matching bowtie in the same denim material. It's a bit warm but it looked amazing. In the words of my friend, Matt, "Subtle and sophisticated."  Well, the shirt was, at least. I went home drunk and wasted after having too much Jack Daniels!


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