Saturday, August 28, 2010


Rest in Peace, Corrine Day
Day after tomorrow...

Corinne Day,a self-taught photographer, first became known for the images she published in 1990 in The Face of her friend, Kate Moss. The series launched what came to be known as 'grunge' style. Day photographed her again in 1993 for British Vogue and it was these shots - Moss in skimpy underwear and American tan tights, at home in her dingy, west London flat - which further changed the face of fashion photography, and unleashed an international furore. Her style of 'dirty realism' was to become enormously influential within mainstream advertising. But where the imagery of nonchalant, nonconformist youth was for Day an extension of her life, in fashion the 'look' returned as pure, empty style. Day started to distance herself from the high-gloss world of magazines and catwalks, but has never stopped making photographs."

Ms. day was first struck with a brain tumor in 1996 but after apparently overcoming the condition, it returned aggressively two years ago, when the only option became specialist treatment in Arizona costing over 100,00 0 euros. The money was raised through a picture auction. (via)

Kate Moss as shot by Corrine Day

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