Friday, November 26, 2010


This kind of day is what I consider perfect. I had a long deep sleep and woke up from the househelp's call. "The couture has arrived!" she said. For a moment, it felt like Christmas. I ran to the gate to receive the big brown box, taped all-over.  I've been communicating with UAE for the last 3 days to arrange the logistics of loaning a couture gown. A real couture gown! I signed my name to receive receipt of the package next to the emblem that says, "The Royal Designer of Eastern Emirates of Fujairah." I never felt like this since the last time I fell in love. I had butterflies in my stomach as I carry the box inside. And boy, the butterflies didn't just flutter. They probably did some crazy stuff inside. I had multiple fashgasms. I had fireworks inside. I had this big smile that never wore off. I'm so excited.  I took a cutter and slowly slice the sides of the box. Careful not to cut anything from the inside. As I lift the flaps open, there was a whif of sweet smell that came out of the box. Ahhh, the smell of couture- deep, sweet, powdery floral perfume. As opulent as the   golden crystals and beadworks that is inside. The final flap revealed the styro-lined box with the gown masterfully laid and ready to be worn. It reminded me why I live in the first place, to receive boxes of couture. Ah, the joy of being a stylist! 


 Tomorrow's the big shoot. The couture awaits...


Though, Thanksgiving is no biggie in the Philippines, I and my friends thought that we have a lot to be thankful for this year and celebrated Thanksgiving in a small get-together. Never mind that we don't know how Christopher Columbus' discovered America. We thank God for America! We have burgers, KFCs, McDonalds, Calvin Kleins and Hollywood.

Thanksgiving, Pinoy-style: the tastiest roasted suckling pig (or what's left of it)! Yum!

Caviar pie. Those liitle black beads are hmmm...salty.

Coffee cheesecake or something. Not a big fan of cheesecakes, though.

And the main entree: Turkey!!!


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