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considering a Tilda Swinton orange hair. What's it called again?


sari-sari pedicab

Welcome to the breakwaters of Manila Bay in Roxas Boulevard. Famed for its magnificent sunset, Manila Bay at night continues to be an alternative venue to hang-out. There's really nothing to do there but to just lounge. Some people try to fish but with the murky water, I doubt if you can eat what you caught. There are a few who jog along the boulevard but most people stay idle and chat. Since the local government relocated the bars and kiosks a which made this lane a destination at night a couple of years ago, mobile food carts selling local street foods and what-have-yous took their place. It's not as festive but still, great place to chill. This is a series of photos i took which I hope the local tourism would take notice and help these small entrepreneurs come up with better carts.

fishball, squidball, kikiam cart

kropek (prawn crackers) and balot vendor

ready-to-eat green mangos

grilled dried squid

kropek and balot vendor 

another sari-sari pedicab

more grilled dried squid

more balot, penoy and dried squid


This is a repost. I just realized a very important thing from this collection. With Another retrograde coming up, the importance of being earnest is, well, important. SGC's neutral, comfortable and mix/match friendly collection is something we need in our wardrobe. We probably have something similar from most of their pieces like the tees and the shorts. What's extraordinary about the looks is the inclusion of sheer button downs and shorts which can be paired up with anything. Talk about smart wardrobe investment.


f/w 2010
Here are the looks from the clothing brand UNCONDITIONAL which I want to achieve these coming months. After coming into terms that I have enough blacks in my closet, I decided to go full color. But after seeing this gray/black/white collection (don't we have enough) I would make an exemption. I definitely see myself rocking the sleeveless tee (top right), and the color blocked shirt (bottom middle). I am definitely in love with the star studded cardi (bottom right) + bonnet + gloves! 
Their spring/summer aren't that bad either. The starry starry tank (yes, even with US flag as shawl) is divine. I remember seeing a hole-y sweater at Mango few seasons back (an Acne knock-off) and I regret not buying it. Unconditional's degrade are a must and so are the vertical striped tee which reminds me of an old Raf Simons.

s/s 2011


Every now and then, especially on a stormy weather like tonight, you'll be surprised on what you stumble upon over the web. While rummaging in the deepest archive of google photos about some research project, my search eventually led into something interesting. I found this fictional sexy illustrations of Red Sonja in fiery red hair and what seemed like a chainmail lingerie. The illustrations are awesome and sorta near from what I am researching about. I youtube-d Red Sonja if there were any full-length animation made about her but lo and behold, I found the 1985 movie with Brigitte Nielsen instead.  It's a fantasy movie from the '80s and since it's a pre-Peter Jackson fantasy film, my expectations aren't that high.I just wanted to see how they interpreted Red Sonja's costume but unfortunately, it's nothing close compared to the illustrated version. I just wished her hair is more red because she's RED Sonja (duh). All is not gone to waste, however. The opening scene is a visual fashion treat  with close references to Givenchy (studs), John Galliano (hair and helmets), and Alexander Mcqueen (Queen Gedren's first outfit). Queen Gedren has the best costume and check out her leggings metal details. If you wanna watch it, the full movie is in youtube. Nevermind the storyline and acting, just focus on the grand production and costume design. I also found out that there's a remake of this film on 2011 with Rose McGowan on the title role. 

Gold Gromet Crown

Gromet crown and Chaimail dress

More gromet headpieces

half hard breast plate/ half- chain mail

Queen Gedren and mask/crown

shoulder detail
intricate bodice detail

opulent back detail
studded helmet and body armor

Arnold's supertight leather leggings


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