Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It was Gigee's Annual 16th Birthday Party. Outside, the moon is full but distant. It has witnessed numerous evil and it knows when one is about to happen. The wind stood still like a held breath. From inside the house you can hear laughters. Whispering conversations. Sound of clinking glasses. A faint music plays in the background. The stench of boiling calderetta fills the air. Bottles of liquor and cans of beer are served to everyone. There's enough to get everyone drunk. At that point,  everyone seemed to be busy with anything. The cake stood still on the edge of the table, quietly. Blinded by the fact that it may be it's last night. And then it happened! With a sharp knife, a swift strike pierced through it's creamy insides.  It met it's final fate. Devoured. Murdered. Stabbed.

Who could have done such a proposturous thing? Later that night, the police arrived and rounded up the usual suspects. Is it....
The Birthday Boy?
The man with chignon?
The DJ?
The blonde?
The not blonde?
The tattooed visitor?

The muse and the artist?

The innocent school girl?
The man with glasses?
The photographer?
Justin Bieber?
The couple who "just dropped by"?
The sweaty man?
The drunkard?

The crazy visitor?
The poisonous centipede?
The dog tamer?
The dog?
Or the blurry man in dog-print shirt?

This photo showed who done it.



  1. HAHAA nice one rc!!!
    write a book and get rich

    eat lang ng eat Jake! [=p



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