Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Rad Hourani works with MYKITA on these unisex sunglasses. Its block design certainly defies most of the curvacious lenses seen with no hint of curves at all. Matte black lenses give the Mykita a reserved look. Available now through RAD.-hypebeast


VERBAL & YOON: Where It All Happens from on Vimeo.



pc Proud Race / Proud Race
love the shirt


feather earrings: Cosmopolitan / scarf: Aldo / shirt Juun J / pants Levi's snakeskin jeans
Last night was ultra-fun! twas designer and internet sensation Martin Bautista's videoke birthday party and everyone was there. It was a blast! We sang like it was our last. Beer + Jaeger + Tequila + Good Friends + topless men = FUN! I also saw friends I haven't seen in a while. And lastly  I lost my scarf., that's how crazy the party was!

pics from martin bautista


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