Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I will be here tomorrow!!!

Mercury retrograde is definitely over! I got a free ticket to fly to Davao City and a free 2-night stay in this hotel! How cool is that? It's my birthday next week and this comes as an early present from some good souls. Thank you!!!

Other than free trips, I also accept free designer clothes, money, and other valuable stuff in exchange of friendship, fun company and/or sexual services.


Brian, Lauryn, Ziggy and Curt
Gwen and Gavin
"the new couple in the 'hood." 
I woke up early today. So early that I have had my first breakfast in months. Yes, the egg-and-hotdog kind! I usually have my McMuffins at 4 or 5am and that's before going to sleep. Anyway, I woke up because of this dream I had where we, humans, are being hunted down by unseen machines. It was action-packed to say the least. Kinda like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, wherein "I" was the Arnold in Balenciaga-esque leather jacket minus the big guns. The human-hunters caught me and before I can even show off my karate chop I woke up. (No, I never did drugs last night.) I never went back to sleep again. Instead, I had my early morning coffee, and played with my birds. (Ooops, that didn't sound right.) They aren't really mine, they are my housemate's but I treat them as my own and named them differently. The red/green/yellow are The Marleys- Ziggy and Lauryn. The blue ones are Curt and Brian from the Velvet Goldmine movie. They have the same blue hair as Brian Slade's. The two couples share a cage because we don't have space for another one. I think Ziggy and Brian are having an affair because I always see them inside their little wooden birdhouse together. The next couple is Gwen and Gavin. They are my favorite. They have mohawks and they wear orange blush ons. Such a vain couple. The yellow lovebirds are new. They are "the new couple in the 'hood." We haven't played that much so I don't know much about them yet. They look like they had too much chilis for breakfast.


shirt Calvin Klein / necklace from Jujiin / spectacles SM
It was hot outside and so was I. These pants is 3 years old and from the looks of it, it shows like it has been through a lot. Indeed.


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