Tuesday, November 2, 2010


First day to attend Philippine Fashion Week last Thursday and went to Amber to party. Went to B-side to drink some more where we met Sanya Smith and John Joe.

xtina superstsar/jake galvez

jujiin / rcxy 

models _____  and marita

the preview team (andre/daryl/liz)
guess who owns the rodarte.

sidney yap/ newly elected PMAP VP mikaela lagdameo

designers patrick galang/ nixon marquez

designer gian romano/ monday magazine fash ed bonapparte galeng

partying at amber/ b-side


read the full interview here 

The Queens of Halloween brought its court aboveground and on the streets of Malate as the collective Panty Monsters played for more than 2000 LGBT’s for the annual Black Party celebration. It’s the first time for the monsters to play infront of a crowd as big as this. I have to admit, we had cold feet days before for we have no idea what the crowd exactly expects.
I arrived past twelve in my nun costume and saw a long queue which extended more than a block from the entrance. These are paying crowd which we shouldn't disappoint. Getting through the thick maze of a crowd from entrance to stage area is not easy, add to that the fact that i was wearing 5-inch heels and a tall veil which makes hearing and maneuvering difficult. I get stopped for pictures several times before I finally reached the stage. Though it was really hot, which was expected of the situation, it was a good feeling.
The Rainbow Coalition (read: club sponsors) sent performers to do prod numbers for opening act. LothoLotho opened the Panty Monster segment. Badaf Punk (Jujiin / Xtina Superstar) took over the deck with their usual repertoire and the crowd went crazy. Gay crazy! The stage was literally shaking with the crowd dancing on it. Everyone was dancing and jumping to the campy tracks sans the audio equipment breakdown.  Yours truly and Nixon played next, followed by Mike Lavet and then capped by Gigee of Fluxxe until sunrise! Shout out to the little monsters who showed support with their presence, you know who you are. All was well. Thank you, Malate, for welcoming the freaks and welcome to our world. Hope to see you sooner than next year. :D

Black Party photos from karl's and gelo's FB, xtina's twitter

and to prove how fun it was, here's Ows, Tokyo!



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