Thursday, September 30, 2010


i want.


I'm playing Project Runway today. I have a big show coming  and it's what I've been thinking all about lately. The theme I should interpret is "futuristic/underwater." I went around Divisoria sourcing for fabrics and faux leathers the other day and I was lucky enough to find this honeycomb print which I think looks like a futuristic tortoise shell. I started the design process with scuba suit in mind. I'm also keen on using this reptilian pleather for some out-of-this-world effect. I'm really bad in sketching, I mean i can draw figures but not good enough for a presentation so I summoned the help of Photoshop to come up with a better rendition. 

I also have another set of idea in mind. I got inspired from this colorful python pleathers and the idea of combining them with colorful rubber/plastics. The swatches of silk chiffon creates a nice contrast against the synthetic materials.

I'm so excited to start with this project already. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It was Gigee's Annual 16th Birthday Party. Outside, the moon is full but distant. It has witnessed numerous evil and it knows when one is about to happen. The wind stood still like a held breath. From inside the house you can hear laughters. Whispering conversations. Sound of clinking glasses. A faint music plays in the background. The stench of boiling calderetta fills the air. Bottles of liquor and cans of beer are served to everyone. There's enough to get everyone drunk. At that point,  everyone seemed to be busy with anything. The cake stood still on the edge of the table, quietly. Blinded by the fact that it may be it's last night. And then it happened! With a sharp knife, a swift strike pierced through it's creamy insides.  It met it's final fate. Devoured. Murdered. Stabbed.

Who could have done such a proposturous thing? Later that night, the police arrived and rounded up the usual suspects. Is it....
The Birthday Boy?
The man with chignon?
The DJ?
The blonde?
The not blonde?
The tattooed visitor?

The muse and the artist?

The innocent school girl?
The man with glasses?
The photographer?
Justin Bieber?
The couple who "just dropped by"?
The sweaty man?
The drunkard?

The crazy visitor?
The poisonous centipede?
The dog tamer?
The dog?
Or the blurry man in dog-print shirt?

This photo showed who done it.




Jeremy Scott did it for "The Young and The Restless" and so MUST I! We shot an episode of a local fashion-oriented soap opera called Magkaribal, where I did a teenie-weenie-bit of a cameo. It's the scene when Victoria announces her preganancy to Louie to the press to piss off her nemesis, Gelai who is about to wed the same man. Little did they know, they were the estranged siblings who they've been looking for their whole life! Don't you just love the dramatic twist? To add fashion "cred" to the show, they have been asking real fashion insiders to do cameos or play roles in the show which I think is fun - only if you enjoy shameless self promotion which i am guilty of. Hahaha. 
It was a nakaka-artista day to say the least and seeing Victoria (Gretchen Baretto), on my birthday, and in flesh is overwhelming! 

The fictitious brand/label in the story

Gretchen wearing Chanel head to toe. tweeds, pearls, shoes, bags. 

Meet Papang Ronaldo of the House Ronaldo

With the V label pseudo-design team. That guy i white sweater is Toffee Calma. He used to be a sexy star and now he's playing a gay role. He's so gwapo! I'll have him do me anytime, anywhere, anyhow!
With real life model/beauty queen/actress Nina Ricci Alagao
Cam 2: That's my cam

This is Direk Noel. I love his shirt and his tats. I think he's hot. I dunno if he caught me checking him out all the time.
Meet Gianni, the pseudo-celebrity reporter
This is the clip. Check me out in my gayest role ever as "Chismosang Stylist 2" (which is an equivalent of "Taong Bayan 1")

Thank you and fuck you, all! Hahaha!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


frm ymy

Hey there. I'm really behind with my blogging duties. I left my camera at Gian's house last Sunday and we are yet to meet later. My Monday was a visual overload. i have so much to share. stay tuned. BTW, my birthday was a blast! Thanks to everyone who has BB and FB (for reminding them)! More photos soon!


Photographer Lope Navo teams up with stylist Alex Van Der Steen to shoot “Teen Icons”, a story inspired by Mr. Navo’s favorite American Teen Icons like Mickey Mouse, Elvis, James Dean and more.


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