Tuesday, October 19, 2010


sari-sari pedicab

Welcome to the breakwaters of Manila Bay in Roxas Boulevard. Famed for its magnificent sunset, Manila Bay at night continues to be an alternative venue to hang-out. There's really nothing to do there but to just lounge. Some people try to fish but with the murky water, I doubt if you can eat what you caught. There are a few who jog along the boulevard but most people stay idle and chat. Since the local government relocated the bars and kiosks a which made this lane a destination at night a couple of years ago, mobile food carts selling local street foods and what-have-yous took their place. It's not as festive but still, great place to chill. This is a series of photos i took which I hope the local tourism would take notice and help these small entrepreneurs come up with better carts.

fishball, squidball, kikiam cart

kropek (prawn crackers) and balot vendor

ready-to-eat green mangos

grilled dried squid

kropek and balot vendor 

another sari-sari pedicab

more grilled dried squid

more balot, penoy and dried squid

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