Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I so love the photo above and every time I come across it everyday my desire for an ostrich feather coat increases. I really like the opulence it brings and as it is, I can see myself wear it in jeans and shirt. I really like the multi-colors in one coat but I will settle with any solid ones, too. The Gucci coat below claims to be made from exotic feathers and sells for $6000. Not that I can afford it, I just think that it looks so gorgeous in all it's golden glory! The black feathers gives a rock and roll/glam  vibe which is probably the best bet but the colored ones make it extra special and gives off a modern glam/boho feel. If the day comes when I own one, boy, I'd wear it all the time! Even on sleep. I just can imagine the soft and delicate feathers touching my skin. I'd wear it while having breakfast, drinking cofee and I would absolutely look fucking gorgeous while smoking in it. 

top: John Paul Peters, Emilio Pucci, unknown, Donna Karan, vintage Gucc

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