Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I apologize for the blog lag. It's been a crazy week for me racing for deadlines, doing shoots and  last night, putting up an exhibit for the private launch party of this new lounge club called Opus at the posh Resorts World in Paranaque . Opus prides itself to be the magnum opus of a group of business men who not only excelled in their chosen fields but also succeeded in their prior clubbing endeavors. In line with that idea, a group of stylists and designers were called to interpret different themes in the club's four rooms I and stylist Lotho were teamed up to give a colorful interpretation of the theme Ostentatious Extravagance. Each team must create an installation and an outfit to help communicate the theme. The room already bears a reproduction of a Michaelangelo mural/wallpaper which I think already is ostensibly extravagant. The idea is to create an in-your-face bastardization of the theme with subtext of rebelling against fine art using street art as a tool. The result is a vignette of tank balloon and living toy soldiers against a backdrop of a thoughtless renaissance hipster. I could go on with the details of what's the meaning behind this installation but I don't really think people would actually try to think why it's there. They were there to celebrate and get drunk and not to appreciate some street art but hey, I realized something while I'm doing this. Aside from the fact that I can actually do it, I loved doing it. I guess I'd create more of something like it if I get a chance, huh. 

Here is our room as seen in the lens of the great Eddie Boy Escudero:

Designers Tina Daniac and Norman Noriega interpreted the theme Overindulgence by creating a gown made of gold pleated paper. Perhaps a reflection on how people spend on fashion like it's gold. Designer Gian Romano and sculptor Leeroy New interpreted Opulence by creating a fantasy of black and dark world. Stylists Jujiin and Melvin Mojica created a romantic white room of tivoli lights, glasses and smoke with the lovely Ria Bolivar in white modern hippy outfit.
check out jujiin's blog to see their works.

Opus is beautiful and it's for those set of people who wants more chikahan and drinks and  have more to spend. Definitely not like me as I personally prefer to drink,and dance in a more gay-friendly place with not-so-expensive Jack Daniels. While the guests enjoy themselves inside the main lounge, I preferred to be surrounded with non-ostentatiously extravagant girl friends, gay friends and a bartender with an open bar.

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