Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Jeffrey Campbell

I forgot the brand but the sole looks more like Finsk

Rick Owens
When I first saw python boots at the Rick Owens runway, I quickly fell in love with the print and thought it would make a nice great addition to any wardrobe.I have a great affinity with  brown python print because, I remember, the first time I've been to Baguio, my first ukay purchase was a light brown faux python blazer which I so loved and wore everyday until the day I lost it. I think python prints will completely change the whole dynamics of dressing up. It's like how leopard prints turn you into a sexy wild thang. Wearing an animal print makes you mimic the animal you're wearing - which I think is a primal behavior. Remember the Nat Geo films on African Tribes? Instead of chanting and going into trance, however, you manifest that slithering character through walking and dancing and god-knows-howelse. Since that day at Owens runway, other designers came up with their own versions, and so far, Acne has the most covetable ones. (see  old post). I'm not much of a fan of wedges for men probably because of my unusual ability to trip at the most inopportune  time (and I have videos to prove it), but I would definitely try on python wedges at any cost.

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