Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I started to fall in love with Chinese filmmaker Wong Kar Wai's work when he started to play with colored lights in his shots and dressed his characters in glamorous outfits. I believe it was in the sci-fi movie 2046 which drawn me to his slow-paced world of romance and flashbacks. Sometime in 2007, he released his sci-fi shorty titled "There's Only One Sun." The storyline was simple. It was about Agent 006 who saw this guy named Light and was kept bilnd because Light is not supposed to be seen. She hooked up with another Secret Agent until someone dies. Of course, the characters have some existentialist parallelism and explores many emotional corners but what really got me into it was the cinematography, the almost editorial-esque camera shots and ultra-glamorous futuristic production design. It was just so inviting. I sometimes wish I live in that world. Purple lights. green lights. Eyeshadows that don't smudge. Sharp clothes in every color. All that minus the drama. haha.  I've been hoping to  do a shoot inspired from this film and I just wish it happens very soon. The full movie is posted below for your enjoyment.

Philips Aurea "There's only one Sun" from Stephan Pilon Lectez on Vimeo.

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