Saturday, October 2, 2010


I missed posting my regular Tattoo Thursday yesterday so here they are. I took these shots from the Dutdutan event at World Trade Center the day after my Magkaribal shoot. Dutdutan is an annual tattoo convention and it's my first time to be there-at least outside. The queue to entrance is so long and I have a meeting to attend to so i didn't bother going in but I managed to take pictures of some tattooed guys which ranged from fantasy to japanese to tribal to plain scary. As it was my birthday, I was planning to get one, a tradition which I want to start because I had a tattoo done during my birthday last year.

What kept me from not getting inked was 1, I never found the right artist, 2, I haven't thought of any design to connect with my left sleeve and 3, budget. 

Until I saw this guy whose tribal tats caught my interest.I approached him to ask who did his tats. Turned out, he's a tattoo artist and those tribal prints are his own design. He specializes in Traditional Tattoo (hand tapping) and in Tribal Filipino designs which I think a good addition on my left arm. He is based in Boracay but will stay in Manila indefinitely. Until such time I've come up with enough money, I'm gonna contact him. (Cue to friends: tattoo is a good gift idea. not only it will be forever, you will always be remembered and mentioned when someone asks about it, forever. think of it as an eternal publicity move. hehe)

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