Sunday, September 19, 2010


I'm back from my short vacay in Davao. Davao didn't change much since my last visit a year ago but this time I stayed on the northern part of it. I stayed at Marco Polo Hotel which is at the heart of the city. Morning was spent mostly on eating. Evening was about partying. Checked out every possible hotspot of the city. Since it was short for the weekend, some clubs are not as packed except on my last night, which was Friday. That's when the party folks really came out to dance. There's a shortage of good music but the people sure knows how to have fun! I met a lot of new faces whose name I can vaguely remember. The only name I will never forget is this someone called Jack. Jack Daniels. Never got to know him more 'cause he's always on the rocks. He was fun to be with, nevertheless.

 tapestry artist Pacita
This magnificent framed tapestry by Pacita at the lobby of Marco Polo davao caught my attention. It's an explosion of colors and painstaking hand-painted and hand-sewn details reminded me of Haider Ackermann's opium S/S 2011 jacket and pants. Makes me want to steal it!

pc gq and stylebubble
(click to see details)

And to continue that oriental-esque visual experience, my host treated me to this MSG-free chinese resto called Ahfat for late gluttonous lunch!

Oh, look! There's Puff, the magic dragon in the sky!

and this was "what i wore"

sunset at the pool deck
Frozen Margarita while enjoying sun down
Davao has a smoking ban which is strictly implemented throughout the city which is kinda bummer. There are designated spot for smokers, though, but that ruins the fun, isnt it?

Come evening, I went out to check the nightlife looking fro some good clubs with good music. but before that, I met my date for the eve who shall remain nameless. And no, his name don't start with a K.

We started the night at the Rizal Promenade, a kitschy comedy bar with videoke and cheap drinks. Not bad. 
The date sang "Beautiful In My Eyes"  on stage while I gag. Not bad, indeed.

Next stop was at Fat Bobby's. It's way much better than the Promenade, only they were playing tunes like "September" and those dancing repertoire you hear played during weddings. The crowd were mostly yuppies so what do you expect. And also, that's where I met Jack.
Inside Fat Bobby's

For the lack of a better place to hang out, we made "patol" Fat Bobby's.
I went to the toilet with this signage for men's. The ladies toilet has, Queen of Pop signage. Madonna, obviously.

Everything was so-so until they played "Ice Ice Baby." And that's when "the date" and I showed off and stole the show.

"The date" is a good dancer. He's got the moves, baby! Everyone in the club stopped dancing and watched us him  in awe. The next thing i remember, everyone who's someone in the club went to our table introducing themselves. Hah! There were a couple of City Councilors, the club owner, someone who claims to own part of Samal island, a skateboard shop owner, etc. That's where the real fun began. Chikahan to the max. Someone named "Tisoy," even recognized me from Manila. We got wakeboarding invitations, free trips to some island and all but sadly, we didn't have enough time for that. Drinks came in from various people. A good-looking homeboy in tow is always an advantage.

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