Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Brian, Lauryn, Ziggy and Curt
Gwen and Gavin
"the new couple in the 'hood." 
I woke up early today. So early that I have had my first breakfast in months. Yes, the egg-and-hotdog kind! I usually have my McMuffins at 4 or 5am and that's before going to sleep. Anyway, I woke up because of this dream I had where we, humans, are being hunted down by unseen machines. It was action-packed to say the least. Kinda like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, wherein "I" was the Arnold in Balenciaga-esque leather jacket minus the big guns. The human-hunters caught me and before I can even show off my karate chop I woke up. (No, I never did drugs last night.) I never went back to sleep again. Instead, I had my early morning coffee, and played with my birds. (Ooops, that didn't sound right.) They aren't really mine, they are my housemate's but I treat them as my own and named them differently. The red/green/yellow are The Marleys- Ziggy and Lauryn. The blue ones are Curt and Brian from the Velvet Goldmine movie. They have the same blue hair as Brian Slade's. The two couples share a cage because we don't have space for another one. I think Ziggy and Brian are having an affair because I always see them inside their little wooden birdhouse together. The next couple is Gwen and Gavin. They are my favorite. They have mohawks and they wear orange blush ons. Such a vain couple. The yellow lovebirds are new. They are "the new couple in the 'hood." We haven't played that much so I don't know much about them yet. They look like they had too much chilis for breakfast.

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