Sunday, December 19, 2010


 If you think December is all about parties, it is! 
December 13, Saga Events threw a Highscool Stereotypes -themed Christmas Party and I went as The Goth, channeling Fairuza Balk from the movie "The Craft." Sorry 'bout the make-up, I'm really bad in putting it on but I think it went pretty well with the look I wanted to achieve, haha! The deal-breaker here is the lipliner which is sooooo reminiscent of the 90's. Hahaha. My friend Tina D. went as, uhm, an asian Avril Lavigne. The first half of the party was fun and I can't speak about the second-half coz I totally blacked-out. I just woke up the next day without knowing how I got home.

photos from Gian R'sand Tina D's fb

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