Friday, November 19, 2010


Just when I thought retrogrades are so over, something fucked up happened to me today. I lost my wallet! I was in a cab on my way to a shoot and I was supposed to pick up some clothes from a designer's house. I thought it'd be a quick stop over so I left my backpack on my seat, near the driver, and went to get the clothes but it seems the clothes weren't ready yet. So I have to iron them and pack them while the cab is waiting outside. It wasn't until I put down my stuff and thought of buying me some breakfast I realized my wallet is gone. It had my ATM, government ID's, cash and probably some important stuff. Needless to say, I'm as good as dead. FML! 
On my way home, I had this young, flirty cab driver hitting on me all the way home. Oh, well, you win some, you lose some.
On a lighter side, I finally got to see Ronac Art Center in San Juan. It's the building of 'cool', I must say. Everything is in Helevetica and the word "fresh" is used very loosely. We had our shoot there and I got to go around on all floors. I'd like to go into details but you have to see it for yourself. They have specialty shops (at the ground floor, basement and at the deck) for the big boys, and there's a nice cafe which serves coffee, meal and beer. The reall come-on of the place is it's modern architecture which combines wood, stones, concrete, etc interestingly. I was also told that the facade of the building with series of rounded rectangles are actually a morse code from a Kanye West song. Below is a leak from the shoot.

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