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Izreel's spring/summer 2011shows strong influence of western fashion. The two-tone Gareth Pugh-esque black and whites were reinterpreted into relaxed and easy knit pieces. The leopard prints fused for menswear shouts Givenchy but instead of going gothtic took modern a twist of 50's Americana. I'm strongly attracted to the leopard varsity jacket and the sporty leopard print shorts. 



Molfic designer Takashi Mori started his design career with Issey Miyake in 1999 which explains his minimalist aesthetics and technological know-how which seemed fit to the brand's concept of "minimalism" and "functionality." Minimalism, in this case, doesn't mean it has to be simple and boring. He showed his creativity in his basic lightweight pieces through triangular print patterns and embossed textures on shirts. And then, of course, the footwear. For his finale, models pulled off from the wall what became lightweight jackets. 



Models in helmets was seen at V&R in the past but it was more apt for Banal Chic as it strongly supports aviator-meets-street inspiration. I like how they transformed the red scarf into a shirt complete with it's fringes (Givenchy did the same in the past season but it was just as a print) which made the idea totally fresh. My personal favorite is the Army shirt, which is a hybrid of 3 shirts assembled as one. What should look like an aviator jacket was reworked into a moto-jacket with cargo pockets attached to the sleeves. I also like the fact that instead of using army boots, the models  wore a nice colored heeled ankle boots.





"The clothes have a strong urban and American hip-hop influence with a Tokyo street sensibility and a Japanese attitude toward high quality manufacturing. (tokyofashion)" 
The collection has a two part story- water and earth. To introduce the aquatic inspiration, models paraded in blue and white palette and sheer tops. Pieces however ranges from biker jackets (in denim and white leather) to suits (with inflatable lapels and pockets), embellished with metal studs. A strong second part of the collection showed more earthy colors and materials. Suits, shorts, biker jackets were made from indigenous fabrics made more special by wooden gromets. The concept was extended to woven bags, bangles, dogtags and rings and was pushed further by the final piece- a woven biker-vest. Although this part was made too literal, it was kept modern in silhouette and in style  which, if you ask me, is still wearable to the street.

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