Wednesday, September 22, 2010


pc droptokyo

This red Moto-jacket is haunting me!!! Another I.Must. Have. item! I have no problem with black I have one before, its just that the everyone is wearing it without really knowing the significance behind it. The once symbol of rebellion is now available off the rack which is kinda depressing. It's like not because you see it in the pages of Elle or Vogue you just have to have it. Partly, yes but ruins the purpose. I mean, owning a leather jacket in a certain phase of your life is not just about seeing it in Zara and purchasing it. It's like entering a relationship. It's about commitment. Not that you have a bike to wear it because as far as I know, The Ramones didn't drive one. Leather jackets is an icon. It's a symbol of youth rebellion, or if you're past that age, it's the spirit that you carry from it.  Sure you can wear a Bob Marley shirt if you can afford one but if you don't know any of his song and  do not actually share his 'idea', then there's no point. It's poser written all over your face. It's like wearing a Ninoy shirt when you are actually an Arroyo fan. Or something like that.

This red Perfecto jacket is a re-issue of the Perfecto brand made famous by James Dean, Ramones, and Marlon Brando. It's the real thing! 

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